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Álvaro Salinas, compañero de 1ºC de máster en Ingeniería Industrial, nos cuenta con detalle cómo se desarrolló su año de intercambio en la Prestigiosa Universidad de Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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University of Michigan   Ann Arbor, Michigan

American culture: Early dinner, friendly people.

Weather: Pretty cold and snows a lot. I was unlucky, and was hear on the coldest year in Michigan’s history. One day, it went down to -35 celcius. It snows from December to March.

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I lived in a Coop. The initials stand for Co-operative living. It is not a residence hall as such, but very close to it. It is a place where around 150 people live. It is one of the cheapest options in town as you get a large single room and free food included for $800. It is so cheap because you must do some sort of contribution to the house, which can be things as cleaning all the house dishes once a week, cleaning the basement once per week or some office labor work.

I am very satisfied with my choice as I think is the best price-quality relation in town.

University Evaluation:

University of Michigan is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in the US. The facilities, are incredible. Although I mainly hanged out with international students, some of them from my coop house, some of them lived somewhere else, you also get to hang out with Americans.  There are plenty of sport options to do and although the town may seem small, the party variety is large too.

There is a huge University atmosphere and that is an experience worth living. Classes vary in size and in average, the level is far lower than in Spain. Teachers are very nice and you can easily get benefits from being an international Exchange Student.


Aspects worth outstanding:

Although flights are not particularly cheap, the lack pf work allows you to travel a lot. In eight months I manage to visit Toronto, Chicago, Boston, New York, Montreal, New Orleans, California, Las Vegas and Detroit.

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Sport is a huge thing in Michigan. During the Fall Semester, you have American Football games on Campus every other week. The Stadium of the UMich Team has the biggest capacity in the US (115 000 people). People go crazy for American Football here.

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Furthermore, the Umich Basketball team is one of the best in the country.

It is very easy to take part on sports yourself here. There are many intramural sports for which you can make your own team and play against other students.

You can party a lot, from house parties to clubs!! Americans love getting really drunk….

Álvaro Salinas, 1ºC MII


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