The Conference

Universidad Pontificia Comillas and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá announce the first IAJU International Conference on Ignatian Reconciliation, to be held in Madrid in May 10th-12th, 2021. 

The conference will feature theoretical insights and also present the results of projects and programs that are studied or sponsored by Jesuit higher education institutions with the aim of promoting reconciliation with God, with one another and with Creation. 

The main goal of the Conference is the identification and presentation of solid reconciliation experiences lived by professors and researchers from Jesuit universities. The experiences of Jesuits and lay colleagues in this field of reconciliation and peace should enrich our understanding of the processes and challenges faced by those who seek to promote the work of reconciliation. The Society of Jesus’ understanding of the call to work for reconciliation at all levels—establishing just relations between human beings and God, between one another and with Creation—will be greatly enriched by the exploration of this topic and experiences of those working directly in the field of peace and reconciliation. 

All Jesuit universities are invited to draw from their own regional, national or local experiences of reconciliation. 

 Keynote Speakers   

  • Pedro Valenzuela, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá  
  • James Hanvey,  Secretario de la fe, Curia Roma
  • Theresa S. Betancourt, Boston College  
  • Pedro Walpole SJ, Ateneo de Manila  

 Important dates    

  • May 10-12th, 2021 Celebration of the conference  
  • May 10th 4:00pm (CEST) Inauguration    
  • May 12th 7:00pm (CEST) Official closing