University Access and Timetables

With a view to the start of the academic year, planning is underway to offer full face-to-face physical attendance in our programs, while respecting current health measures. In order to achieve this, ICADE Business School has established guidelines that guarantee adequate access for students to the University Schools and Faculties, by adopting different entrance and exit routes, according to the placement of the diverse programs.

Likewise, as long as the Health crisis continues, course timetables will be set up with intervals in starting and finishing times among the different Undergraduate Degrees in order to avoid crowds in the corridors.

Each program will inform students of the timetables for classes and the duration of intervals between classes, taking into account the time necessary for continuous cleaning of the classrooms at regular intervals.


Physical face-to-face attendance

In principle, teaching will be carried out with physical face-to-face attendance, provided that health, organizational and logistical requirements of classrooms and management allow for this at the University.

In those cases where total physical attendance cannot be guaranteed, classes will be taught in what is called “synchronous bimodality”, which means that every day half of each group will attend face-to-face classes in person at the site for the ICADE Business School (calle Rey Francisco) and the other half will take classes in a virtual on-line format. In order to do this, most classrooms will be equipped with cameras and microphones.

In the event that the Health crisis requires suspension of physical face-to-face classroom teaching activities, courses will be taught entirely in an on-line teaching format, during which efforts will be made to prioritize “virtual”-synchronous classroom attendance.

For this reason, it is essential that all students have a personal computer with a camera and a microphone.




Internships outside the University will be go forward as planned for the time period stipulated, with priority being given to a face-to-face physically present format (with a guarantee and priority, in all cases, given to the appropriate safety and hygiene measures). However, they may be adapted to a non-face-to-face format – “teleworking” – with support of ICT, when advisable, as a result of the recommendations of the competent legal authorities, and whenever feasible according to the requirements of the company, which in all cases, will attempt to guarantee the acquisition of skills required by courses.

During the period of time that internships are being performed outside of the University, measures of prevention will be followed as established by collaborating organizations, such as companies, institutions, and public and private entities.


Further information

Before the beginning of the academic year, further information will be provided to all members of the University Community. We ask that the maximum attention be paid to all channels of information, through regular consultation, including emails, apps and the general University web page, as well as the web pages for the School or Faculty and the information on the program in particular.