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University Access and Timetables

For the first part of the academic year, construction has been undertaken so that, when students arrive, the University will be more accessible and have diverse entry and exit routes, established according to the different academic years of study and Undergraduate Degrees.

Likewise, as long as the Health crisis lasts, course timetables will be set up with intervals in starting and finishing times among the different Undergraduate Degrees in order to avoid crowds in the corridors.

For the purpose of accommodating a maximum number of students present in the building and in order to have enough space to clean classrooms at regular intervals, some groups will have classes in the afternoon, between the hours of 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. These groups include the final year of studies in the Undergraduate Degree Program (who already have some afternoon classes to facilitate their business internships), and Second Year Programs in all of the Undergraduate Degrees taught in the Faculty:  E2, E2 –Bilingual Program, E4, E2 + Analytics, E6.


Synchronous bi-modal nature of classes and alternating of attendance

Classes will be taught in what is called “synchronous bimodality”, which means that every day half of each group will attend face-to-face classes in person at the Alberto Aguilera Campus and the other half will take classes in a virtual on-line format. In order to do this, all classrooms will be equipped with cameras and microphones. Classes will be taught following the timetable that will be published in the coming days.

Each group will be divided into two sub-groups, so that physical distancing in the classroom can be maintained. One of the sub-groups will attend in person on Monday-Wednesday-Friday; the other, Tuesday and Thursday. Each week, these subgroups will rotate, that is to say, the subgroup that attends on Mon.-Wed.-Fri during the first week,  will do so on Tues. and Thurs. during the second week; and the one that attended on Tues and Thurs of the first week, will do so on Mon.-Wed.-Fri. of the second week. Whenever students do not have to be physically present on the Alberto Aguilera Campus, classes will continue in an on-line format.

For this reason, it is essential that all students have a personal computer with a camera and a microphone.

Those courses that have a smaller number of students enrolled (for example, elective courses), which comply with physical distancing measures with regard to the maximum capacity of our classrooms, may carry out their teaching entirely through physical face-to-face instruction, provided that organizational requirements, the logistics of classrooms and management of Faculty timetables can accommodate this.  In the event that the Health crisis requires entering into another period of lockdown, with suspension of physical face-to-face classroom teaching activity, courses for Undergraduate / Bachelor´s Degrees will be taught entirely in an on-line teaching format, during which efforts will be made to prioritize “virtual”-synchronous classroom attendance. (All classes will be taught at the same time as with the previous format).



Exchange and dual degree students

Outgoing students in the Faculty whose exchange programs abroad have been cancelled by our partner Universities due to current application of governmental recommendations and current legislation, will continue to study and enroll for courses within their curricula in the Faculty. Those students who have not had their exchange cancelled, but where it takes place in a country where travel is not allowed, will be able to carry out their exchange, if the host university allows it, in an on-line format, either completely or temporarily, until they can travel physically to the host University.

In the same manner, incoming students who have not cancelled their period of exchange, but cannot travel to Spain, will be able to carry out their exchange either completely or temporarily on-line, until they can physically travel to our University.



Internships outside the University will be go forward as planned for the time period stipulated, with priority being given to a face-to-face physically present format (with a guarantee and priority, in all cases, given to the appropriate safety and hygiene measures).  However, they may be adapted to a non-face-to-face format – “teleworking” – with support of ICT, when advisable, as a result of the recommendations of the competent legal authorities, and whenever feasible according to the requirements of the company, which in all cases, will attempt to guarantee the acquisition of skills required by courses. .

During the period of time that internships are being performed outside of the University, measures of prevention will be followed as established by collaborating organizations, such as companies, institutions, and public and private entities.



Further information

At the present time, these will be our procedures for the first semester, which may be revised for the second semester, during which we hope to carry on with 100% face-to-face physical attendance, provided that the circumstances surrounding the Health crisis allow for this. And, procedures may also be revised in case of force majeure.

On August 31st, an e-mail will be sent to students with all of the necessary details for a successful beginning of the academic year on September 7:  the sub-group to which they are assigned, timetable for days of face-to-face physical attendance, classrooms, tutors, entrances and exits for access to the University, etc.

We ask that the maximum attention be paid to all channels of information, through regular consultation, including emails, apps and the general University web page, as well as the web pages for the School or Faculty and the information on the program in particular.