Submission of Proposals

Inscription in the Symposium will permit those that desire to not only participate in all of the planned activities but also to present a paper related to one of the Symposium’s central themes. Each presenter can submit up to three papers.

Presentation modalities

Academic communication

This includes the presentation of original academic studies orally or by way of a poster (digital presentation in PowerPoint)

Communication of experiences

This format includes the communication of experiences of practices and/or pastoral applications that demonstrate a fruitful collaboration between psychology and Ignatian spirituality. These presentations will be organized in panels of experiences.


Ignatian Psychology/Anthropology

The Interior Movements (“mociones”) of Identification with Christ in his Kenosis

Is there an Ignatian way to do and to think about psychology, to understand and to interpret the human person?Motion and the following of Christ in poverty and humility. What does the petition for reproaches and contempt imply or involve?

The Interior Movement (“moción”) in Ignatius of Loyola Loyola

Psychological Difficulties for “perceiving and knowing” the different Interior Movements

A textual and historical study of the term in its context and the reality to which it refersPsychopathology and the occulting of one’s emotions. To feel without knowing; to be unable to feel nor to know one’s feelings, confusion…Pathologies that emerge in the Exercises.

Psychological Foundations of Interior Movements (“mociones”)

Lifelong Learning for “perceiving and knowing” the different Interior Movements (“mociones”)

Areas of overlap and differences: motions and emotions, motions and thoughts, motions and behavior…The vital rhythm of motions. Growth, maturation in the feeling and knowing of one’s various motions throughout one’s life. God’s language and the passing of time.

The Interior Movements (“mociones”) from a Female Perspective

Contemporary Emotionalism and Emotivism: Is it a Threat or an Opportunity for our Spirituality?

The peculiarity and the originality of the female experience in feeling and knowing various motionsA comparison of the contemporary self with that of the self during Ignatius’ time. The contemporary subject and the way of feeling and knowing motions in the 21st century. The role and the value of the digital world in the spiritual life.

Interior Movements, Freedom, Discernment and Decision

Ignatian Contributions for Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

The role and the value of motions in the decision-making processIs there an Ignatian psychological therapy? The Ignatian way of proceeding in accompaniment.

The Interior Movements (“mociones”) of Reconciliation: Guilt, Shame and Forgiveness

The motions that are central to the 1st week of the Exercises and their psychological analysispsicológico

Important dates and more information

January, 31st 2019

Submission of abstracts by the authors

February 28th, 2019

Communication by the Scientific Committee regarding the acceptance of a proposal

May, 15th 2019

Submission of the final version of the paper/presentation by authors

For more information regarding the submission instructions, criteria for acceptiong proposals and papers and the publication of the proposals you can download the document with the guidelines. For any other question regarding the participation and the possible submission of papers, authors can communicate with the General Secretary of the Symposium.