Words of Ignacio Boné Pina, SJ (†), Promotor of LoyolaPsi2019

With great sorrow it is that we announce the passing of Mr. Ignacio Boné Pina, sj coordinator of LoyolaPsi2019 and a great thinker in the world of psychology and ignatian spirituality

May his soul rest in our Lord’s peace


Comillas Announcement
For any further information, please contact us: info@loyolapsi2019.com

We are proud to invite you to join us at the International Symposium on Psychology and Spiritual Exercises that will take place from the 20th – 24th of June 2019 in Loyola, Spain . This Symposium is being organized by Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid). The focus will be on how to interpret psychologically the central proposal of Ignatius of Loyola for his Spiritual Exercises: “Perceiving and knowing the different movements…” (Ex 313).

After five hundred years of Saint Ignatius’ conversion in Loyola, a reflection on the differences between the “subiecto” of the sixteenth century and the contemporary self may be necessary. We choose this subject regarding spiritual movements as it reflects the core of Ignatius’ personal experience and his fundamental proposal in the Spiritual Exercises in his rules for discernment of spirits. This Symposium is an invitation to reflect on the different psychological processes involved in the Ignatian way of understanding and proposing the spiritual experience. This selected topic for the conference seeks to understand, from a contemporary perspective, the Ignatian link between the diversity and the superficiality of emotions and thoughts that we experience and the depth of the movements of the Spirit that reveal to us how to decide in our concrete Christian life.

Commitees and Boards

Honours Commitee

Honorific President: R.P. Antonio España, sj (Jesuit Provincial of Spain)
Honorific Vice-President: P. Julio L. Martínez, sj (Rector of Pontifical University Comillas)

Fr. Jaime Oraá, sj (Delegate UNIJES, Jesuit Universities of Spain)
Fr. Ignacio Echarte, sj (Rector of the Sanctuary of Loyola)
Fr. Abel Toraño Fernández, sj (Coordinator of the Ignatian Centenaries)
Fr. Enrique Sanz, sj (Dean of Theological Faculty, Comillas Pontifical University)
D ª Susanne Margret Cadera (Dean of Human and Social Sciences Faculty, Comillas Pontifical University)

Scientific Commitee

President: Dr. José García de Castro SJ (Professor of Spirituality in U.P Comillas)
Dr. Carlos Domínguez Morano SJ (Professor of Religious Psychology in Theological Faculty Granada)
Dra. María Prieto (Professor of Psychology in U.P Comillas)
Dr. Alfonso Salgado (Professor of Psychology in Pontifical University Salamanca)
Prof. Luis María García Domínguez SJ (Head of Institute of Spirituality in U.P Comillas)
Dr. Rufino Meana, sj (Professor of Psychology in U.P Comillas)
Dr. Ignacio Boné, sj (Psychiatrist. Professor of Psychology in U.P Comillas)

International Advisory Board

Prof. Franco Imoda, sj (Pontifical University Gregoriana, Rome)
Prof. Hans Zollner, sj (Pontifical University Gregoriana, Rome)
Prof. Larry Yévenes, sj (Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Chile)
Prof. Nicholas Austin, sj (Heythrop College. London)
Prof. Franz Meures, sj (Professor of Psychology and Spirituality, Germany)
Profª. Sylvie Robert (Centro Sèvres. Paris)
Prof. Kevin Gillespie, sj (Philadelphia. USA)

Organizing Commitee

Coordinator: Prof. Ignacio Boné, sj (Psychiatrist. Professor of Psychology in U.P Comillas)

Executive Commission:
Prof. Luis María García Domínguez, sj (Head of Institute of Spirituality in U.P Comillas)
Dr. Rufino Meana, sj (Professor of Psychology in U.P Comillas)
Dra. Ana García-Mina (Vice-Rector for Community Services and Students in U.P Comillas)
Dra. Ana Berástegui (Research Professor Institute of Family Studies in U.P Comillas)

Other members:
Fr. Juan José Etxeberría, sj (Vice-Rector Deusto University)
Fr. David Cabrera, sj (Psychologist)
Fr. Vicente Marcuello, sj (Psychologist)
Mr. Alberto Cano, sj (Resident in Psychiatry)


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